Dr. Siraj Khan Bin Amanula Khan


Dr. Siraj is armed with Industrial Engineering, Master in Operation Management & Doctorate in Industrial Psychology. He has recently been awarded as SME Top 100 CEO and has facilitated the company to receive SME Recognition Award and HR Excellence Award.


Dr. Siraj has promoted and facilitated New Investments working closely with MIDA and State Investment Agencies. Due to his expertise in local and international business; Dr. Siraj has been appointed as a management consultant as well as assessor for several companies in Malaysia and Singapore over the decade years. His advisory services have assisted the investors to sustain their investment and reinvest especially Japanese Investors. He also assisted companies during turbulent economic times.


Dr. Siraj has a tendency of making profitable decisions for the organization by assessing ROI, risk and cost/benefit. He is capable to impact the profitability of the company through ensuring the strategic and tactical management decisions and new business development results.